Character Design in the Creativity Industry

By donis4design on 31st January 2023

A character design is an important process in creativity productions across a variety of entertainment industries, from film and animation to games and comic books. 

With attractive and stunning character designs, these works can attract the audience’s attention and increase their attractiveness. However, creating a successful character design is not easy. 

In this article, we’ll explore the process of creating character designs and provide tips for creating attractive, eye-catching character designs.


character design


What is a Character Design?

A character design is the process of creating the visuals of the characters in a work, such as movies, anime, games, comic books, etc. including the process of creating concepts, sketches, and final renderings of characters such as humans, animals, fantastic creatures, or whatever the work calls for. Character design may also deal with costume creation, hair care, and other maintenance necessary to create a consistent look for the character. It is an important part of the creativity production process in many entertainment industries.


Tips to Create Interesting Character Designs

  1. Create a unique character to make it different from others by adding unusual features or placing your character in an unusual situation.
  2. Give your character a strong personality to make it more interesting and easier for your audience to remember.
  3. Give your character a strong background to make it more interesting and relatable to the audience.
  4. Make your character relatable to the audience by presenting it with similar problems to those experienced by the audience.
  5. Create an eye-catching design by paying attention to details and using the right colors.
  6. Give your character a consistent behavior throughout the story to make it more real and memorable for the audience.
  7. Feel free to try new experiments with your character design to help you come up with interesting and unique ideas.
  8. Get feedback from others throughout your character creation process to help you spot flaws or problems that you might not see yourself.

Remember that the character design process is dynamic and requires a lot of trials and errors. Feel free to keep learning and practicing, and don’t worry if your design isn’t perfect at first.


The Use of Character Design in the Creativity Industry

Character designs are used for multiple purposes in various creative industries. Here are some examples.

  1. Film and animation for creating characters in film and animation, ranging from main characters to supporting characters.
  2. Game for creating in-game characters for all existing characters.
  3. Comic books for creating the characters in comic books.
  4. Product Imagery for creating characters used in product advertisements, such as mascots or characters that represent the product.
  5. Branding for creating characters that represent a company or product, such as mascots or characters used in advertisements.
  6. Edutainment for creating fun educational contents, such as children’s learning apps.
  7. Architecture for creating characters as statues or sculptures on buildings or at parks.
  8. Decorative Arts for creating characters as accessories or decorative products.


Character design is an important part of the creative production process in various entertainment and business industries because its attractive, engaging characters can help attract audience attention and increase the appeal of work.

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