Role of Ergonomics in Packaging Design

By donis4design on 14th January 2023

Packaging design is known to be an important aspect in business, especially to capture customers’ reaction and safeguards the selling products. It also plays a significant role in providing product information, such as expiry date, how to use and ingredients found in the products.

We can trace back its history to the ancient civilization, where the people have used only natural materials such as leaves, trunks and shells to store and transport products. Furthermore, packaging is used to mark ownership, refer to social status and imply the product quality.

The technological advances and mass production have aided the product packaging to use synthetic materials like plastic and paper. Modern packaging too, started utilizing printed technology to print every product information such as expiry date and how to use it.

Additionally, product packaging has also undergone many changes in terms of design and aesthetics, to attract customers’ attention and represent the product’s uniqueness. Its function is not limited to protection and wrappers, rather it promotes and markets the product. 


packaging design


What is Packaging Design?

When it comes to packaging design, what is attracting the customers’ attention while showing the product uniqueness is important. Attractive and appealing packaging possibly increases the product selling point and customers’ purchasing possibility.

Besides that, it is also responsible for giving critical information of a product, from its expiry date and how to use it, to its compositions.

For many customers, the effective packaging design helps them learn faster about the product and make more informative purchasing decisions.

Moreover, a well-designed packaging can be your product identifier and promotes the product’s merits to the market. An effective packaging design does help increase the product value and in general, increase the business.

There are several aspects to consider while creating a packaging design, apart from visual. They make the design need very careful consideration, compared to posters or flyers design. 

The final result in the packaging design would be the product protection form that comes in  dimensions, making other factors need to be considered as well, and ergonomic aspect is one of them.   


More about Ergonomics

Generally, ergonomics is the study of people’s interaction with their environment, specifically in the working environment and products they use. It ensures that the product suits people needs and characteristics, such as ease of access and users’ comfort.

Ergonomics considers several factors like packaging product’s shape, size, and position which conforms to people’s characteristics such as height, weight and hand size. Adapting ergonomics makes product packaging easier to use and more comfortable for users, improving efficiency and productivity.


Ergonomics and Packaging Design

Ergonomics in design packaging is a very important factor to consider.

Otherwise, the users will find it hard just to use the product which involuntarily decreases the product value and customers’ satisfaction. The fact that some packaging is too big or too small make the product difficult to use, while less handy packaging is not practical for the users.

An ergonomic packaging should also consider a way to repackage the product easily, after being used without looking untidy and unattractive for the users.

Once more, it is really important to always include ergonomics in the packaging design to improve the users’ experience in using the product, as well as increasing both value and users’ satisfaction.


How Important Ergonomics in Packaging Design Is

Below are several factors and considerations why ergonomics plays important role:

  1. Creating easy-to-use and comfortable products for users to improve their satisfaction.
  2. Increasing users’ efficiency and productivity by reducing the possibility of being exhausted and risk of injury.
  3. Standing out among other products and presenting the products merits with ergonomics packaging design.
  4. Increasing the product value with a packaging that suits people needs and characteristics.
  5. Reducing waste because the packaging is easily repackaged after the product is being used.


In other words, ergonomics should be considered as the most significant factor to design the packaging. Creating an easy-to-access, comfortable and provides the customers’ need.

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