What’s Art Block? How to Overcome it?

By donis4design on 7th January 2023

If you are now feeling confused and unable to work completely well, you may be suffering from an Art Block. It is a term used to describe a situation when you feel you can neither create an art work nor have any creative ideas.

Art Block occurs mostly to artists, designers, or people involved in creative businesses, which surely will hamper and decrease their productivity rates. Find out more about the art block in the following descriptions.


art block


Art Block Causing Factors

Art Block causing factors can be as follows.

Lack of Confidence

Lack of confidence is one of the Art Block causing factors because a person lacking self-confidence with his/her creativity skill feels unconfident to create a new artwork.


Stress can also be the cause of an Art Block since it can reduce a person’s creativity which is triggered by several factors such as too demanding jobs or personal problems. Moreover, stress can produce a negative mood so that the work cannot be well done. 


Fatigue may cause due to the fact that it is able to reduce a person’s concentration and creativity levels. In order not to get too tired of working, artists or creativity workers should manage to have a good work-life balance for more regular break times.

Negative thoughts

Negative thoughts, one of the causing factors, such as discontent and unconfidence can hamper a person’s creativity. Therefore, keep your thoughts positive to let brilliant ideas come into your mind. 

Pressures from the surrounding people

Pressures from the surrounding people to create the best artwork can trigger an Art Block because it makes a person feel under pressure and unconfident to produce a new artwork. Moreover, work conditions influence your thoughts. The more suitable the work situation is for you, the better work you will do. 


How to Overcome an Art Block?

There are several ways to overcome an Art Block. 

Try to do new things

Try to do a new thing you have not done before such as trying a new technique or a new medium to create an artwork. It will help you discover new ideas and develop your creativity.

Find out inspirations from other sources

Find more inspirations from other sources, for example books, films, or your favorite paintings to help you discover new ideas and encourage you to keep creating the best artwork.

Get some help from others

Never hesitate to get some help from other people if you are unable to overcome the Art Block by yourself. Talk to your trusted friend or mentor to assist you to find fresh ideas or to support you mentally.

Take enough rest

Never force yourself to work hard when you feel too tired or you have no more good ideas. Instead, take enough rest and do some fun activities to energize yourself again. 

Write anything or draw random objects

Try to write anything or draw random objects without thinking what to do next. It is going to help you let go of negative thoughts and discover new, fresh ideas.


Hopefully, the advice given will be helpful and prevent you from the Art Block to always stay productive to create the best artwork. Above all, it is important to work hard, but it is more important to just have a short break. 

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